Marketing meat goats and identifying your market.

Showing your goats can be a tremendous sales tool.

It doesn’t matter in the least if you have the most fabulous goats in the world, and they have each kidded with triplets, and the kids are all growing like crazy, if you have no place to sell your goats. No one can buy your goats if you sit on the ranch and whine about not selling any goats! You would be surprised how many people call me and tell me that they can’t sell their goats. When I ask them if they have done any advertising, or sent out any flyers, or put their goats in any kind of exhibition, the phone just goes dead.

If you are going to raise livestock to sell, you need to figure out a way to sell it. If you are raising meat goats, you need to tap into some of the direct market niches discussed in Chapter 2, or find a good sale to ship your goats to. If you are raising breeding stock, you need to advertise. As a dear friend of mine is fond of saying, "No one can buy your goats if they don’t know you are there!"

This chapter includes sections about identifying your market, ranching for sales, showing, building a flyer, newspaper articles, and contracts.

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