Goat Health Care, what you need to know before calling the vet.

Sore Mouth (Contagious Ecthyma) is very common in goats, and usually infects nursing kids.

Health care is a vital issue for all ranchers. Disease has been described as "an absence of health", but when your animals are sick it seems more like the "plague of locusts". There is nothing more frustrating than standing by and watching your investment dwindle and die as your veterinarian bills sky-rocket!

This chapter includes up-to-date and easy to understand information on the following health problems, in addition to many more that are not listed below:
Emergency procedures, poisonings, worms, Sore Mouth, Coccidiosis, Brucellosis, CAE, Caseous Lymphadenitis, Enterotoxemia (C&D), Johne´s, Listeriosis,Pregnancy Toxemia (Ketosis), Urinary Calculi, White Muscle Disease. Information on how to blood test your goats, and where to send the blood, is also included.

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