Chapter 6. This chapter includes when to breed goats, breeding goats out of season, when is a goat doe in heat, managing your goat breeding, inbreeding, keeping records, non-breeders, genetic flaws, embryo transfer, artificial insemination.

You can’t produce the kids you need to make a profit, if you don’t get your does bred.

When you put a doe in heat in with your buck, he will mount her several times. You will know when he has actually bred her because he will throw back his head and fall off to one side, and the doe will tuck her tail under and kind of hunch up. The buck will then rest for a few minutes and then breed her again. Once is generally enough, but I like to give him twice, just to be sure.

Bucks produce a musk smell when they are in rut through the glands behind their horns. They also add a lovely cologne by spraying their front legs and faces (and anything else they can reach) liberally with urine. The resulting aroma is truly delightful if you are a doe. To humans, it is slightly less attractive.

This chapter includes everything you need to know to keep your does pregnant.

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