What is A Meat Goat? This chapter includes Kiko and Boer breed standards, boer goat history and descriptions of the boer goat and meat goat breeds.

This is a 12 month old Boer Buck

Over 70% of the world´s population eats goat meat. Now, the United States and Canada are beginning to join the rest of the world! All across this continent people are accepting the fact that goat meat (chevon) is a lean, healthy, delicious alternative to beef, lamb or pork. Now, thousands of dairy goat raisers, dairy cow breeders, and beef producers are finding out that there are not enough goats in this country, not if we butchered every one of them, to accommodate the demand for goat meat! That´s right! Not the export trade, but the growing and blossoming demand right here in the United States!

This chapter includes breed standards, history and descriptions of the meat goat breeds.

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