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raising meat goats for profit   "Raising Meat Goats for Profit," the book         

 The most up-to-date guide about goat  husbandry.  An vital addition to the library of every serious goat breeder, regardless of breed specialty.  Includes information about the meat goat breeds, Boer goats, feed ration tables, kidding and how to raise kids, how to  market and sell your goats, and the most current health and disease information available.  Including information on CAE, CL, toxemia, floppy kid, and Johne's. An important goat book for every breeder's library, and if you raise Boer goats, this book is vital!

 book, Country Tales a book of humor   "Country Tales," the book    

A move to the country in southern Idaho sets the stage for Gail Bowman's wild and witty recollections of life, love, raising children, raising livestock, and raising Cain in the country.  Gail's conclusion: Life is just funny! And you have to have nerves of steel to survive it!  This is country humor at it's funniest!   If you have other goat books by Gail Bowman you will want to read this one, for sure!  (This is a great gift idea for your country Mom or Dad!)                 

gail bowman author   Meet the author, Gail B Bowman

Goat books by Gail Bowman have become the standard in the libraries of goat breeders and universities around the world.

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