Meet the Author, Gail B Bowman

Gail bowman moved to Idaho with her family in 1984.  Gail´s husband, David, has a telephone and computer business where they live in Twin Falls. Idaho.  Gail and David have 5 children and have lived in the Twin Falls Area for 18 years.  Gail has a bachelor´s degree in education and has been writing magazine articles and books since 1991. 

Gail and David started raising Boer goats in 1994 when they saw an advertisement for Boer meat goats in a  magazine.  They had recently bought two dairy goats the year before, and fell totally in love with them.  They wanted more goats, but not more milk.  So Gail and David mortgaged their house and flew to California to bring home our first pair of Boer goat kids.  Then they found a good veterinarian to teach them how to vet and test their goats.

When Gail tried to get advice and help from the local dairy breeders, they refused to help her with even the most basic information about vaccinations and kidding.  So she started doing research and sharing the results of that research with other breeders by the way of articles in livestock magazines.  One thing led to another, and Raising Meat Goats was born.

Then people started asking Gail for stories about her experiences on the ranch because they enjoyed her writing style.  Family members and friends told her stories, and again, Country Tales evolved.